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One man's waste can be another man's richness. It is not only possible, but realistically doable.  Paridhan   does not wait for disasters to strike. It's a bank that makes a difference along with promoting child education as it does not deal in money, but in old household stuff as Clothes, Toys, Books, Stationary etc. and other lots of basic needs durable goods, one of the basic human needs after food and shelter.

The main objective of Paridhan  is to provide the necessity things to millions of poor and needy people facing great hardship and health risk due to lack of proper clothing and other basic things in far flung areas, urban slums of the country and promote child education in underprivileged class of society. We work towards nullifying the misbalance caused by us, our society, and people; and urge the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Realize" mentality in living our daily lives here on our beautiful planet Earth.

What and where you can donate ?

You can donate almost everything like books, stationary, clothes, utensils, electrical appliances (Mobile, computer), bed sheets, toys, blankets, shoes, sporting goods….. Anything in good condition that you don't use anymore might help someone in need. These items will be sorted, repaired, sewed, packaged, transported and distributed to the rural areas & urban slums throughout India.

We organize old stuff collection drive in corporate houses, residential housing societies, shopping malls, Cinema halls, schools, colleges and such other places, so feel free to write us on info@umeedngo.org or call us on +919650918653.

We are setting up 100+ old stuff collection boxes/ centres' across Delhi in different places as residential housing societies, shopping centres, malls, corporate parks, Schools, colleges  and industrial areas in first phase.

How does it works ?

Paridhan  is a united sustainable effort that works through your valuable contributions. The collection, sorting, sewing, packaging, repairing of electronic products, transportation and distribution of clothes and other things are done with a proper planning, management and execution. We have several dedicated teams who look after different phases of work.

How you can be part and support us ?

The main goal of Paridhan  initiative is to appropriate basic living needs from a place of abundance to a place of need and promote child education through it. This whole process cost us a small budget of Rs. 10 per piece.

We have high hopes that those of us who are more fortunate will respond to this call of balance, care, compassion and will join hands with Umeed  to support Paridhan . Feel the sheer joy of giving. A small part of effort on your part can result in a big leap of difference for a fellow human being who is less fortunate and will help to save our Mother Nature and Environment.

Kindly donate us generously so we can continue our services for welfare of humanity and Mother Nature (donations to Umeed are tax exempted u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act). You can donate a collection box and help us to setup in your locality or housing society. Be a volunteer, co-ordinator in your locality, housing society, shopping mall, office , corporate park, School, college and industrial area or you want to help in any other way; feel free to write us on info@umeedngo.org or call us on +91 9650918653