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Go Green

Go Green  is a Umeed a drop of hope initiative to save the environment through tree plantation and adoption by public and corporate participation and support where people can plant, gift, donate and adopt trees online in just one click from their home/office on different occasions and celebrations. 

We also conduct tree plantation drive with corporates as a part of CSR activity throughout the year.

What We Do

Tree Plantation :We strive to replant green belts and forests destroyed by human action through our innovative well-structured plans and responsible planting by the help of individuals & corporate alliances. We plant donated plants by people and corporates in various places of need through our dedicated partners across India under our proper guidance.

We also conduct tree plantation drives across Delhi and suburbs in Housing Societies, Corporates Parks, Schools, Colleges, open grounds, barren lands and such any other available locations throughout the year.

Taking Care of Plants : Just planting a sapling is not enough. We nurse it to become a Tree. Apart from plantation, a plant needs love and care like a baby until it is self-sustainable.As we found, most people forget about the plants after plantation and that is whytheir survival rate is very low.So resolve this problem by taking care of plants manually as well as through different technical methods such as installation of automated watering system through “Drip Irrigation” which makes it easy to water the plants and save water and time.

Tree Adoption : We humbly request everyone to adopt trees apart from plantation. Adopting a tree ensures its success in fully growing and maturing. We arrange maintenance and care for the adopted tree on your behalf and we ensure the sampling will become a tree in its time. Please consider adopting a tree as this is a truly beneficial service to all green life on our Planet!

Bottom of Form

Become a Green Yatri : Share our message: think about the people in your network, in your company or in your school who would love to hear that there is a simple and cheap solution to our planet's biggest challenge.

What we do : Go Green  provides a common platform and involve youths in social and environmental causes & activities and make them understand the importance of Environment and how the power of youth and togetherness can contribute and bring positive change in our society and Mother Nature. Here youth and colleges can show case their green ideas, thoughts, social leadership, innovation, technology and how they can positively transform environment and society.

We organize discussion, presentation and talk on Green sustainable Leadership, Sustainable future, Green Idea, Green innovative technology, workshops (on “Best out of Waste, Waste management, Presentation on Green Birth Day celebration , tree plantation & clean-up drive, Clean & Green campus, Marathon, , Bicycle rally, Human chain for cause and many other activities as per need and requirements.

This initiative makes our youth a more respectful, proud, and conscious, sensible character, which will enable them to be even more valuable and appreciated members of our society. And will help to pave the way for a much better green present and future for all.

How you and your college can take part: We invite all colleges/ educational institutes from across the globe to be an essential part of Go Green campaign, mail us a detail copy of proposal about event/activity on [email protected] or call us on +91 99998 08366. As a partner of initiative your college will gain a number of invaluable benefits, such as: Clean & Green campus, opportunity to serve society and humanity, green events in campus, good will, and positive image in public, green certificate & mementos.

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